Everyone knows that goats will pretty much eat anything. But that is not true and there are many things that are not good for them to eat. Here is what we feed our goats.

1. High quality Hay (We have lots of alfalfa in our hay fields)

2. Clean fresh water

3. Mineral (We use a loose cattle range mineral because it has lots of copper and it is cheaper the the goat premix mineral. We allow the goats to have free choice ) 

4. Goats really only need the first 3 items but we also feed Grain at certain times of the year (Flus the does 1 month before the bucks are put in and when they have kids only for about a week)

5. We also bead the shelters with straw and the goats often eat lots of the straw

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Different styles of Hay Feeders

On the left is a metal round bale feeder we also have wood bale feeders (center). The wood round bale feeders always break so we are switching to all metal feeders in the future. Another option people use for feeding round bales on the ground but then you get much more wastage.  

On the Right is a wood square bale feeder we built. it works really well. There is very little wastage and very safe for the goats


3 in 1 Feeder

We use this feeder to feed grain instead of getting trampled every day trying to haul buckets out to them. Check out Huber Ag Equipment for many different types of feeders. 

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Near our barns we use automatic waters. They are nice because you are not hauling water and they always have nice fresh water. They are also heated for the winter which is nice (But sometimes they do freeze up). When we our out grazing in other pastures we have portable water troughs.